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Smoke Cleanse Alternatives

If you are spiritual in ANY was, you've probably heard the hot topic surrounding White Sage, and its cultural appropriation/endangered conflicts. I won't go into a long drawn out informational verbal vomit, as that's not what this blog is about, and nothing is more annoying than coming to a blog for information and having to read through a huge transformational journey that was experienced in eating the food before finding the ravioli recipe, "just tell me how much onions Susan!!"

So in short:

-Is White Sage endangered?: As of this blog, NO, (look it up) it IS however being illegally harvested off sacred Native lands (which is stealing, jerks) and being ridiculously over commercialized in holistic trends across the world with little to no knowledge of its true importance.

-Is it cultural appropriation?: How about you ask an indigenous person that question. I'm done with white people (even us half white folk) speaking for them. Its been said that its been used in Nordic/Viking cultures too but its not native to those lands so that argument is STILL a big fat mess I stay out of. What I can tell you is Natives have only been able to practice their smudging rituals without fear of jail or death since 1978, let that sink in. That's a little over 40 years ya'll...are you kidding me!?! There are still people alive that watched loved ones die or imprisoned for their sacred practices, so ya its a sensitive subject and rightfully so. So you need to ask yourself, cultural appropriation or not, would it KILL YOU to use one of the MANY MANY other plant options for the sake of compassion..? Its just not that hard for me to use something else, truly.

Suppose that's up to you to research,educate and decide. I don't tell people how to think or behave. You will discover I'm very big on protecting your free will. However, I CAN offer you a list of awesome alternatives I think more awareness should be brought to. Lets break some hipster trends shall we? is a list of BASIC properties for various herbs, focusing on ones to burn, that you can use to change the energy in the room, up your vibration, ritual practices, funeral rights, pagan practices, torch sticks, spells, cleansing, incense, or whatever else you'd like to call it.

-Thyme: Releasing ceremonies, recall the past without pain.

-Rosemary: (my personal fav, the smell is absolutely unparalleled, and shes hearty

and EASY to grow yourself) Remove negative energies, especially associated with sickness, and for energy clearing, general clearing and cleansing.

-Pine Resin: Protective, healing, nurturing (note: thick black smoke, do not breathe in, burn outside)

-Peppermint leaf: purity, protection, renewal and release.

-Myrrh resin: grounding and physical healing

-Mugwort /Artemis Vulgaris: deepen psychic abilities, clarity.

-Lilac: Protection

-Lemongrass: Cleansing. purifying, opening doors/removing obstacles

-Lavender: peaces, relaxation, restful sleep, purity and love.

-Juniper: creates more sacred energy

-Ginger: brings passion, speeds things up/brings power to magical activity

-Frankincense Resin: connect with your source of energy

-Eucalyptus: (what the eyes and inhale folks) healing, protection.

-Dandelion: divination, spirit calling

-Cloves: (these crack and pop, watch the fire hazard folks) protection, attracting the opposite sex.

-Cinnamon sticks: (another fav of mine) aids "healing", raises spiritual vibration

-Cedar:(also argued to be indigenous, but they are actually native to western Himalayas and the Mediterranean region, so, you be the judge) repels negative energy, cleanses, banishes fear

-Calendula: constancy and love

-Catnip: love, beauty, luck, happiness and attracts good spirits.

-Blue Spruce: generosity, giving, sign of pure intentions

-Bay Leaves: (again watch the eyes, she stings) divination, success

-Basil: attracts Love, happiness, peace, steady the mind.

-AllSpice: uplifting energy, increasing energy

There is always salt lamps too, but make sure you get the ones that don't catch fire, ya there's a run of those, good times... It goes without saying that, *insert eye roll at mandatory disclaimer here, -none of this is proven, its for educational and entertainment purposes only, burn safely don't be an infant, neber leave unattended yada yada yada.

Get after it ya'll, and PLEASE...don't be a harvest nightmare, source ethically, ALWAYS. Take care for now.




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