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Toxic Crystal Information

Good Day to everyone. Before we get started, PLEASE note: I'm certain this is not a complete list, its just what I got over the last few months researching for this blog, I am by NO MEANS a highly-educated-on-crystals human, I have made mistakes and am still learning, (I study plants/herbs, a brain can only hold so much LOL) I got this information the same way you can, my books, internet, professionals etc.

ALSO I am not trying to stir up trouble in the crystal selling world, I am simply providing information for the SAFETY of people. I believe many folks/sellers putting toxin leaking crystals in roller bottles, lotion etc, have no idea they are toxic, and simply use them for their claimed healing/energy properties and looks, which we ALL do, but we cannot neglect the ugly side of natural elements, and everything has its risks.

Do not live in fear but DO remember: We buy natural products to AVOID chemicals such as Aluminum, Mercury, Arsenic, and so on, and that is EXACTLY what is leaking into your products within hours of being in them, that is science and that is fact, and you deserve to know. MANY of the risks are low, such as the radioactive list. However they deserve mentioning. And here we GO.

*These are listed in Toxin groups. And so you don't need to go through an entire educational essay on WHY these toxins are bad for you, should you not know the details of any said toxin, I have put a brief description of the reason/effects of their toxicity w/ them, should you want a quick reference. AND ALWAYS..question what I say, and what anyone says, and find out for yourself, take control of your power and educate yourself on what people are shoving in your face, including me, I don't know it all either..


ALUMINUM: (irritation eyes, skin, respiratory system when inhaled as a dust, absolutely NOT recommended to submerge in things planning on contacting skin, this is the one that caused all the breast cancer causing research and "stop using OTC deoderant..)

-Ajoite – also copper -Alexandrite -Aquamarine



-Bixbite (i dont even know what this is lol)




-Black Tourmaline (I'm so mad about this one..)









-Vesuvianite (due to its properties, this one really bummed me out, Green Vesuvianite is one of my favorites, I wanted to roller bottle the HECK outta this..but NOPE!)

-Garnet (goes by many names, so look for that)

COPPER: (hence why all my copper offerings are COATED) Skin irritation, hives, long-term exposure in water can lead to the release of the constituent copper and the potential to yield toxic effects.





-Gem Silica




-Smithsonite (MAY contain)


RADIOACTIVE: We all know what this is and does..very low risk but i'm throwing them in here anyway. Some forms of granite put out radon from the decay of the Uranium. This is low risk.

-Very deeply pigmented topaz

-Colored diamonds

-Deeply colored crystals

-Treated kunzite

-Artificially dark (almost black) smokey quartz(not Morion Quartz)

-Cultured pearls

MISC: we pretty much know why these are all bad...

-ASBESTOS: Tremolite, Pietersite, Actinolite –May contain asbestos. Not recommended for elixirs), Serpentine, TigersEye(the Fibrous form)

-LEAD: Wulfenite, Galena(this was on a list of top 10 dangerous),

-ARSENIC: Adamite (also some copper), Mohawkite

-MERCURY: Cinnabar (quite literally and scientifically-mercury sulfide! and is considered one of the most dangerous things to handle on earth...nice)

-Sulphur: Chalcopyrite (peacock stone), Markasite, Covellite, Pyrite

Again, not a complete list, I'm sure there are coatings/seals etc to argue and thats fine... I was truly humbled by the findings in my research, and have more learning to do. Remember your skin is your BIGGEST organ and it only take 26 SECONDS for any chemical in contact with your skin to absorb and start doing its damage, be it long term or instant. I hope this was of some help. Please continue to enjoy crystals and natural products, and DO be kind to those who may use these in ways deemed dangerous, they may not know, be kind. That is why I write these blogs, the more we know, the better for everyone and the planet, I myself have put a tourmaline in a roller bottle years ago... we are all growing. Be safe and stay stoked my friends.

Thank you for being here,

-MamaCass xoxox

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