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Dill Pasta Salad

How am I this bad at blogging?! I get a tasty jam I want to share with y'all, or some great info, and think "it hasn't been that long since my last blog.." NO ACTUALLY it's been months... Not like 2020 has been normal anyway but the one thing that has remained the same is me sucking at regular blogging. I have so much yumminess and knowledge to share, just rarely get to sit down. We'll see if I improve.... What I DO hope REALLY improves is this pandemic situation. Summer is blazing and I'm really missing those long night gatherings and solstice celebrations with like minded individuals. Here's an AMAZING Dill salad recipe that my family can't get enough of. Treat yourself to it, perfect your ratios of deliciousness to your own taste...and hopefully we'll get to share it with others really soon.


-3 cups small pasta shells (let be honest. any shape is good)

-1/2 cup dill pickle juice

-3/4 cup dill pickles sliced bite size (baby or reg, we are dill lovers, so we almost double this it's a little ridiculous)

-3/4 cheddar cheese (go sharp, trust me on this) Dice it into cubes or just throw some shredded in there, it really depends on your texture preference.

-1/4 cup white onion- dice into tiny pieces (i didn't have any one day and substituted dried minced onion and it was still great)

-2 tbsp fresh dill -chop dill finely (dried dill is absolutely fine, looks pretty, and still really good- I've used both, I just let it sit in the fridge a bit to really pull out the dill flavor)


-2/3 cup mayonnaise

-1/3 cup sour cream (I found a hint more of sour cream really is better, but that could be just me)

-1/4 cup dill pickle juice

-1/8 tsp cayenne pepper (optional)

-Salt and pepper to taste

Directions: I have faith you don't need them but JUST to be sure...

-I like to make the dressing first to get all those flavors blending around and marinating...chill in fridge.

-boil your pasta to about 2-3 minutes BEFORE done, pull, rinse with cold water right after and set aside or in fridge to chill

-While pasta continues to cool, chop up all your yummy bits (cheese onion pickles etc)

- AAAAAAAND throw all that biz into a big ass bowl with the dressing and mix it up. I like to make sure it's good and cold before serving. I've added tomatoes to it and the family loved it. Went from store bought pasta salad to this and ALL 3 of my kids said "please make this one always instead, its bomb" So I'd say that's a win win! Don't mind the HORRENDOUS photo...I'm a cook not a photographer, but its delicious and I'm not trying to sell you anything so ya know, it's cool.

Let me know what you think, as always, tag me in your food or product posts and I'll share you in my stories on Instagram @howlingwindshomestead

Get out there and BBQ y'all...I know it's hard right now, but don't let the summer slip away, we'll get through this.

I'd like to thank my friend Ash for passing this idea along to let me play in the kitchen with.... Hope y'all like it...

-and as always, Thanks for growing with me.

-MamaCass xoxoxox

Dude..the cheese is in there I shy sharp cheddAH! killen me...

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