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Banana-Honey Granola Bars

Hey Howlers! Who's ready for warmer weather and sunny nature adventures!? We aren't out of the snow-woods yet but we are so close! We do a good amount of cooking days and recipe manifesting as part of our homeschool routine here on the homestead, and with Spring just around the corner, there has been a whole lot of dried fruit and granola flying around the kitchen in anticipation for hiking season. A bit of a new food adventure for us, but excited to take all the preservative saturated over sugared garbage out, and add these raw healthy recipes in! Expect more in the future, but for now, here's the first one we tried! IT'S SO EASY!! And delicious, they are getting eaten for breakfast and going out the door with my husband to work so fast we aren't going to have any for our coming hikes! They really are yummy!

Ready GO!


-1 medium very ripe organic banana

-2 cups raw oats

-1 cup raw almond butter or natural roasted peanut butter

-1/4 cup raw local honey

-2 tablespoons local bee pollen (optional but great to help with allergies!)

-1 teaspoon vanilla extract

-1 teaspoon ground Cinnamon

-Coconut oil, raw and unrefined

1: Put everything except the coconut oil, in a food processor and blend until you have stiff cohesive dough ball. (a large bowl to stir is totally fine, that's what we did and it worked great!)

2: Coat a 9inch square pan with coconut oil and oil your hands as well. Pat dough evenly into bottom of pan.

3: Cover and chill in freezer overnight/24hours. They don't get rock hard, just firm.

4: Cut nine 3-inch squares, then cut squares in half for a total of 18 bars. (or cut however you want right!? they'll taste the same, oooo cookie cutters are fun!) Store in a tightly sealed container and eat within 2 weeks for best flavor and texture. Honestly ours did fine on a plate with plastic wrap.

Note: They DO get soft in warmer temps, so we just throw an ice pack in with them when we hike, which in turn gets put on foreheads when the kids get hot rock climbing, so its a win win.

That's it, easy and super delicious! Hope you enjoy them! More to come! We are working on a firmer version that doesn't need to stay cool, and some dried fruit and cocoa nibs ones! Wish us luck!

Recipe from: Stephanie Tourles book RAW ENERGY


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