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An emotional and unforgettable Alaskan romance filled with mystery, heat, humor, and man's best friend.

Nobody ever accused Ex-Trooper Samantha Shaw of being weak, unless it came to dogs. After some questionable incidents, Sam threw down her badge, returning to her small hometown of Shavila, to care for her aging grandfather and sled team. When a bad Iditarod encounter with her ex-boyfriend, golden boy Bradley Oliver, finds her banned from racing, she hides away, continuing her pursuits in the shadows. Sam preferred dogs to people, her heart safe from the damage it had taken over her life from far too many. Simple. Safe.
Until Bradley’s top dogs go missing mid-race, Sam unaccounted for, their past a smoking gun. With eyes turned on her, an oversized outsider with a badge, comes sniffing around Sam’s locked barn... and she knows she must get rid of him to save her neck, and those who help her stay out of cuffs.
Deputy Lucian Rose chose Alaska to slow down. After years of big city corruption, Luke was looking for consistency and control. Good cop, no storms. But when a detective set him on the Iditarod case, Luke jumped at the challenge. He knew it would help him learn his way around Shavila, and the unique personalities that lived there. Little did he know, when he came face to face with the prime suspect, he’d be walking into the nexus of a fiery storm he’d never be free from.
With a list of suspects that keeps Luke guessing, and a mysterious woman he struggles to believe is one of them, things only get worse when more dogs show up missing, the trail leading right to the woman he’s falling for.
As Shavila is rattled to its core, one person’s twisted obsession, threatens to not only put morals in question, but to leave a trail of blood before the snow melts.




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