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A monster is not in one's species, but in one's actions.

For over a century, things that go bump in the night have been woefully acknowledged. Delicately and often messily, co-existing alongside mankind. With laws in place to manage the supernatural population, many live peacefully, remaining under the radar, in fear of what many species believe to be a corrupt system. For those who refuse to abide by human laws, one of the best kept secrets exists: The Agency, and the wandering monster hunters it employs.

Children are strictly forbidden among Agents, relationships harshly frowned upon, yet one was allowed to one very loyal agent, two more mysteriously acquired for reasons unknown. Amalthea grew up on the compound, alongside the only others to share her fate: Gage and Jaxx. Unable to live normal lives or make any real emotional connections, their bond became an unbreakable force under the hard hand of Gage's father, making them one dysfunctional family, and the best team in the business.

That is, until the head of the most powerful Vampire Clan, and the Agency's biggest problem, finds Amalthea, and all hell breaks loose. Determined to guide her towards the ancient truth of her origins, and make her his own, Sven Morganthe steers Amalthea towards the dark secrets held by those closest to her, and the nefarious Agency that owns her.

With the changes in Amalthea's body no longer deniable, her life becoming endangered at every turn, doubts and betrayal begin to ricochet through the close-knit team's tailored lives, with one steadfast vampire complicating everything Amalthea thought she knew, especially with the two Agents who will stop at nothing to keep their best friend safe.
Between hunting the supernatural, navigating carefully placed lies, and the growing tension between them, Amalthea begins to think the only way to save her life, protect good creatures, and the ones she loves, is to trust the very monster she has sworn to kill.

With twists and torrid truths changing their course at every crossroad, relationships will be put to the test, unlikely friendships will be formed, and it will take the unity of creatures and humans alike to unravel the century-old master plan that none of them saw coming, and face the evil creature behind it. One that could not only destroy them, but the world as they know it.
How do you choose right or wrong, when the line between good and evil begins to blur?

For This I'll Bleed By C.K. HAWORTH

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