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*Book 2 of The Morganthe Vampire Trilogy


Fear can make monsters of us all.

Back on the hunt, Amalthea continues to change, and so do the relationships with the ones around her, complicating their job, and the choices she struggles to make. One will claim her way of life, either could end it. Hunting monsters and bad Diner food was doing very little to distract from the war raging inside her body, and her heart; pulled between the family she’s always known, the one she’s come to love and the one that can save her.

Amalthea is falling apart…

The boys know she’s struggling, and as the ones who have always looked out for her, they’ve done their best to keep busy, and keep her safe. Fed by the stress of finding William, and his own inner demons, a dangerous fear morphs into a dark obsession, causing one of them to be willing to do anything to keep the team together, and stop her from becoming a monster… Even if that means becoming one himself.

The team is beginning to crack…

His agony unparalleled, Sven still refuses to force Amalthea’s return, wallowing in the anguish his compassion has yielded. As he feels Amalthea start to struggle, his family awakens the monster he truly is, and warns that if he does not do what must be done, they will do it for him.

The Morganthe Vampires have run out of patience…

Lost in their own worlds, devious plans and corruption swirl around them in secret, none of them realizing just how much that world is about to expand, before it will all be set ablaze, wholly unprepared for who’s holding the match.

The hammer is about to drop…

Unbeknownst to them all, an ancient force has finally regained strength, picking up nefarious plans over a century in the making… with a personal vendetta to settle with Sven, and Amalthea’s old soul. He will unleash his wrath on the world, with Amalthea in his service, and the head of the Morganthe Clan on his knees…

If they all don’t destroy themselves first…

For You I'll Burn By C.K. HAWORTH

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