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Mama Cass: Shop Owner/Published Author

Homestead Instagram: @howlingwindshomestead 

Author Instagram: @author.c.k.haworth

Herbalist 13+ years

Wildlife rehabber (focused on raptors)

Pastry & Magic Maker

Avid Baker

Professional Story Writer

Kitchen dweller

Plant hoarder

Lover of all things black

Outdoor/Wildlife enthusiast

Glen: Co-Owner/Ax wizard 

Instagram: @howlingwindsaxeandtool 

Partner in crime

Burnt-out Cass rehabber

Dad-joke master

Ax maker/Craftsman

Tool enthusiast

Food tester

Garage dweller

Ax hoarder 

Lover of all things craftsman

Outdoor/Antique enthusiast


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(in cliff's notes)

Two kids from CA meet at age 10&13. Add some water balloon fights, skateboards, one prom, a rock and roll wedding, 3 kids and a cross country move to CT in 2016, and here we are! After years of struggle & sacrifice, we bought a home on a few neglected acres in March 2020, and are building our homesteading life together in the rural woods, one amazing success and hilarious mishap at a time. 

Kick off your boots and come on in, drinks are in the fridge, goofiness and shenanigans on tap. Don't mind the dirt, do mind the plants, please pet the dogs.











Winter 2023/24 updates

Well it's cold as heck, and we could not be more pleased! Final harvests and canning are done, and winter prep is never ending, bring on the snow! We love it! 

It is with great enthusiasm, that I (Cass) announce, that the apothecary side of the shop (soaps, salves, oils etc.) will be permanently shut down on December 10th 2023.

It sounds sad, but it's not. 

I have cried many tears of joy over the past six years for the people I have helped with skin issues, the comforted children, the benefit auctions I was able to donate too etc... and a part of me is aching a bit, but it is finally time to move in the direction I had always intended to go, and for that I am truly excited.

I started making soap to help with my own skin issues, made magic I knew could help others, and started this business to help support my family, it was deeply necessary and still is, it's just changing. We are not rich, not even close... My herbalism was never meant to be monetized, it is a personal passion I study to help our family and friends, but it helped make this business flourish and I will always be grateful for it, but here's the truth of it...

I never wanted to be a soap maker.

So now that we have established ourselves these past almost 4 years in our small town, and have connected with local shops, farms, etc, it is time to do what I had always wanted since we moved to New England, (besides the lifelong dream of being a published author, which is amazing!) and that is to grow flowers, herbs and bake homemade goods to serve my local community and continue my deepest love for animals and this beautiful planet, by rehabilitating wildlife (focusing on birds of prey), and diving deeper into my drive for wilderness conservation.

My children are enthusiastic to help and that also brings me great joy.

We are fortunate to LOVE where we live, and I really want to focus on this place I love so much.

Howling Winds Homestead will still be in business; we have merch coming out soon -both author and conservation driven, all which helps rehab wildlife-, more books being published every year, and of course, new listings for our local customers coming soon for our new offerings, but the soap shop has run her course, and that energy is now moving into where my heart lies.

I will forever be grateful for my return customers and the small business friends I've made, but this fresh new direction I have long been preparing for in our years since setting down roots, is calling too loud to ignore any longer.

It is time.

We are very excited, nervous and all the feels for these new steps and our coming growth! 

Glen and his Axe work isn't going anywhere, so don't worry. We encourage you to follow along and stick with Cass' account as that side of our business transitions, because of course, the recipe/DIY posts, local market booths and more will be posted as it grows, and we are grateful to share it with you. 

Hope you all are safe and happy. Stay warm and stay safe! We appreciate you so much. xoxo

-Cassandra and the HWH family  has links to buy books, author newsletter, social media platforms, to stay up to date on preorders, drop dates, cover reveals, merch, local offerings/deliveries and so much more coming as we begin to raise funds to get this rehab center built. 


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